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HYPOXI Ballarat at Fernwood Ballarat Central

(in Ballarat Central)
Advances in technology have changed our lives. From having the power of a super-computer in your pocket to self-driving electric cars that save the planet. But what about advances in technology for exercise and losing weight? Welcome to the future of exercise with HYPOXI - the innovative weight loss treatment to help you lose weight, target stubborn fat and cellulite. This HYPOXI Ballarat VIC Weight Loss LocalGroupDeal will kick-off your weight loss journey with the full HYPOXI experience. For only $29 you will experience the revolutionary advanced technology that is used to help you target fat and cellulite in areas...
Experience the future of exercise. It's only $29 for 1 session to experience HYPOXI. INTRO


Reformer Pilates for Women at Fernwood Ballarat

(~3km away)
Fitness is better with a community. And if you are a woman, it is sometimes hard to find a community that fits you. But not at Fernwood Ballarat Reformer Pilates studio. Our custom designed fitness + wellness studios are the ideal spaces for women to sweat and stretch and strengthen – and simply breathe. Ballarat Reformer Pialtes is for busy women – that’s all of us! With the Ballarat Reformer Pilates LocalGroupDeal you will get to experience a new wellness experience exclusively for women. For only $59 you will experience 3 Reformer Pilates sessions. We love a good workout session...
Reformer Pilates for Women at Fernwood Ballarat
Ballarat Reformer provides skilled and experienced trainers toA wide variety of exercises to promote length,Our experienced Ballarat Reformer Pilates trainers will guide
Our state of the art Ballarat Reformer PilateClasses include Reformer Pilates and Reformer Sculpt.Our beautiful and relaxing women's wellness space.
Improve strength, flexibility and balance with Ballarat ReformerJoin our women's wellness community in Ballarat.Welcome to Reformer Pilates for Women in Ballarat.

Fernwood Fitness Ballarat

(~3km away)
For only $5 you’ll get to experience the Fernwood Fitness Ballarat difference and the complete range of services that has changed women’s lives for decades. Joining a gym is easy, but joining a gym that is dedicated to addressing the issues of women leading a healthy lifestyle and delivering a complete system for change is a big step… This is why today’s deal includes: 5 days at Fernwood Fitness Ballarat We understand that walking into a health club is intimidating and a tough transition for women. That’s why today’s deal will make you feel comfortable and let you experience...
Fernwood Fitness Ballarat
Dedicated group fitness studio with over 60 classesJoin our women's only Ballarat gym community.At Fernwood Ballarat, we provide 24-hour gym access.
Women can get strong with functional training inGet into functional training with the Fernwood FIIT30On-site Ballarat HYPOXI weight loss studio.
Fernwood Ballarat Women's gym provides a fully equippedFitness and Wellness in one class, Ballarat ReformerWelcome to Fernwood Fitness Ballarat women's gym.
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