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Knox Leisureworks Boronia

(~10km away)
To get a complete fitness workout these days sometimes you need multiple memberships. A gym membership for strength training. A yoga studio membership to relax the mind. A HIIT and functional training membership to challenge your fitness. A swimming membership to take your weekly swim and spa. And if you have a family, add in the swim school membership for the kids and the functional training membership for the teens and you will be driving around Melbourne. What a headache! Why not just get one membership to rule them all, all in one convenient location. The Knox Leisureworks Aquatic and...
Knox Leisureworks Boronia
Our Boronia gym is fully equipped with battleChallenge your fitness with our range of BoroniaWelcome to our functional training HIIT gym space
Our small group training classes combine functional trainingOur trainers can help you with your weight-lossOur Boronia gym includes rows of cutting-edge cardio
Learn the fundamentals of  kettlebell training in our BoroniaThe Knox Leisureworks Boronia gym includes a dedicatedWelcome to the fully equipped Lower Boronia gym
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