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Fitness First Carindale

(in Carindale)
Make fitness part of your lifestyle. Whether it's keeping up with the kids at the park, getting out and meeting new people, or even landing that next promotion at work, your fitness can give you the confidence to get more from life. This Fitness First offer will help you go further and explore new ways to challenge yourself. For only $9.95 you will get to experience our fully equipped gym and innovative exercise techniques for 1 week. Try our extensive freestyle classes for a fast and effective workout including Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Les Mills and more. With our world-class facilities,...
Start your Fitness Journey with Fitness First with only $9.95 for 1 week at Fitness

$9.95 (28 Sold!)
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Goodlife Health Clubs Carindale

(in Carindale)
Living the Goodlife can mean so many different things to different people. It could be a vision of you and your family on a Good weekend getaway. Or you driving a new sports car to the beach with your Good friends. Or it could just simply mean you and your loved ones sitting in front of the fireplace having a Good warm chat. No matter what the Goodlife means for each of us, we can all agree on 1 thing. It involves us being Happy, it involves us being Healthy and it involves us looking trim, toned and in the...
89% off. Welcome to the Goodlife! Just $19.95 for 4 weeks Unlimited Access to Goodlife

$19.95 (13 Sold!)
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Snap Fitness Holland Park

(~5km away)
Snap out of long term lock-in contracts and Snap into Fast, Convenient and Affordance Fitness. A new revolutionary fitness model is hitting Australia, a model where you pay less, where you are not locked in to a contract and where you can train anytime you want day or night, 24 hours a day. It’s like having your own personal gym in your backyard. But unlike your backyard gym you have access to the latest top-of-the-range gym and cardio equipment 24 hours a day. And unlike regular gyms that are closed when you want to train and have busy crowds, you...
Snap Fitness Holland Park
Heavy duty plate loading equipment will get youOutdoor bootcamp programs helps get the entire communityFast track your progress with affordable Holland Park
Include indoor rowing into your 24 hour training.Cardio training with a fully equipped cardio area.Our 24 hour Holland Parkgym is fully equipped
Convenient gym access day or night.24 hour Snap Fitness access means you canWelcome to the revolution of Snap Fitness 24
$29 (9 Sold!)
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HYPOXI Weight Loss Mount Gravatt

(~6km away)
Advances in technology have changed our lives. From having the power of a super-computer in your pocket to self-driving electric cars that save the planet. But what about advances in technology for exercise and losing weight? Welcome to the future of exercise with HYPOXI - the innovative weight loss treatment to help you lose weight, target stubborn fat and cellulite. This HYPOXI Mount Gravatt Weight Loss LocalGroupDeal will kick-off your weight loss journey with the full HYPOXI experience. For only $29 you will experience the revolutionary advanced technology that is used to help you target fat and cellulite in areas...
79% off. Experience the future of exercise. It’s only $29 for the full HYPOXI Mount

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