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Zumba4u Croydon

(in Croydon)
Are you ready to PARTY yourself into shape? No one said getting fit and sexy had to be boring, un-inspiring and un-motivating like the glum faces you see at many gyms across the country who do the same routine day after day. It’s time to shake up your routine, burn more calories, develop sexy Latin-inspired curves and shake that booty into shape with easy to follow dance moves that will make Shakira look with envy. Zumba Fitness has taken the world by storm and now you can be a part of it with Zumba4U Croydon led by Diana Ortiz from...
Zumba4u Croydon
Join the PARTY at Zumba4U Croydon Zumba classes.Enjoy our Zumba dance theme nights.Croydon Zumba classes are fun and high energy.
Our Zumba classes will get you fit inCome party with Diana at Zumba Croydon.The dynamic Zumba4U team - Alexis, Alfonso and
Zumba4U classes are conveniently located at the CroydonBecome a member of the Croydon Zumba family.Join the PARTY at Zumba4U Croydon Zumba classes.
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Five Dock Leisure Centre

(~2km away)
Despite all the excuses, complaints, moaning and groaning we go through when we tell ourselves it’s time to go to the gym there is one thing that always remains true – life’s better when you're active! Boosting your energy and reducing stress, elevating mood and living happier, losing weight and increasing confidence and strengthening your overall health and wellness are all by-products of a daily exercise routine. We’re pretty sure no one will complain if their life included all these attributes just like you wouldn’t complain if you could get started with 30 days of fitness for only $30 at...
Five Dock Leisure Centre Five Dock
Enjoy a variety of cardio including the arcAsk our Five Dock gym staff to tailorOur Five Dock gym includes a full range
The latest push button Life Fitness circuit equipment.Our 2010 extension provides a spacious Five docksFive Dock gymnastics programs are run for children
Many of our gymnastic team were once competitiveWe work together to improve your child's gymnasticsFive Dock provides multi-sport courts for basketball, netball,
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Fitness First North Strathfield

(~4km away)
Make fitness part of your lifestyle. Whether it's keeping up with the kids at the park, getting out and meeting new people, or even landing that next promotion at work, your fitness can give you the confidence to get more from life. This Fitness First offer will help you go further and explore new ways to challenge yourself. For only $9.95 you will get to experience our fully equipped gym and innovative exercise techniques for 1 week. Try our extensive freestyle classes for a fast and effective workout including Yoga, Pilates, HIIT, Zumba, Les Mills and more. With our world-class...
Start your Fitness Journey with Fitness First with only $9.95 for 1 week at Fitness

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Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre Marrickville

(~6km away)
When the community unites together for a common cause… Change is inevitable. And that is what has happened in the City of Marrickville council, the community has spoken and the result is the Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre (opened in 2010) and our Wellness Centre (opened in 2011). The much loved predecessor, the Enmore Park Swimming Pool, served the community for 48 unforgettable summers. But with increased needs to service all populations, seniors, youngsters, families, teenagers, and adults, the concept for the Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre was born designed around the needs of the Marrickville population. We now welcome everyone to...
68% off. Celebrate with your community at the Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre. Just $29 for

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Victoria Park Pool Camperdown

(~7km away)
This is not a mirage, but you may be deprived of the sweetness of health and fitness in your life. An Oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of city living, we are one of the premier facilities in Sydney. Your life may be hectic through work, family and life stresses and they all take their toll on your mind and body. It’s time to escape into the Oasis of Health and Fitness, relax your mind with a Swim in our aquatic facilities, Camperdown Yoga or Pilates classes or invigorate your soul with high energy Zumba or a gym workout. Just...
Victoria Park Pool Camperdown
Spacious and naturally lit Camperdown group fitness studio.Camperdown gym instructors will get you on yourCamperdown personal training is suitable for all ages
Ask our gym instructors about incorporating cardio trainingThe cardio area overlooks our stunning outdoor poolOur gym instructors can teach you the benefits
A comprehensive range of plate-loading and pin-loading equipment.Enjoy the best equipment from Life Fitness andThe state of the art Camperdown gym at
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HYPOXI Weight Loss Newtown

(~7km away)
Advances in technology have changed our lives. From having the power of a super-computer in your pocket to self-driving electric cars that save the planet. But what about advances in technology for exercise and losing weight? Welcome to the future of exercise with HYPOXI - the innovative weight loss treatment to help you lose weight, target stubborn fat and cellulite. This HYPOXI Newtown Weight Loss LocalGroupDeal will kick-off your weight loss journey with the full HYPOXI experience. For only $29 you will experience the revolutionary advanced technology that is used to help you target fat and cellulite in areas like...
79% off. Experience the future of exercise. It’s only $29 for the full HYPOXI Newtown

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