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Splash Devonport Aquatic and Leisure Centre

(in Devonport)
It’s time to dip your feet in the pool of health and fitness and Splash your way into fitness. Taking that first step at anything is always difficult. But just like jumping into a pool, once you jump in you wondered why you didn’t jump in earlier and enjoy the cool water and relaxing feeling. Making that first jump in health and fitness is the same way. Sometimes you need a little push to help you jump and enjoy the benefits of invigorating your body and changing your life for the better. The Splash Devonport Aquatic and Leisure Centre will...
Splash Devonport Aquatic and Leisure Centre Devonport
Treadmills, stair climbers, cross trainers and more.Our state of the art Devonport spin cycleOur Devonport gym includes state of the art
The cutting edge Devonport Gym at Splash.3 group fitness studio with over 60 classesOur Devonport Swim School  follows the RLSS Swim and
Our Devonport boxing and functional training studio.Enjoy summer with our outdoor swimming pool open8 lane 25m indoor Devonport swimming pool.
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