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Fernwood Fitness Salisbury

(~6km away)
What’s all that excitement going on at Fernwood? You drive past and see the fresh new logo, the new colour burst and the new stylish décor. After 29 years of making over women across Australia, Fernwood is enjoying its own refreshing make over as clubs across Australia begin rolling out the “Fernwood Facelift”. 2023 is set to be the year of the FOX and it all starts by embracing all things feminine and creating a space that is representative of women today - fun, independent and committed. But while vibrant and exciting changes are occurring throughout Fernwood, one thing remains...
Fernwood Fitness Salisbury
Dedicated abs and stretching room at Fernwood Salisbury.Our Salisbury personal trainers will create a programFernwood Salisbury gym instructors can help you with
Vary your workout with our HUGE range ofLuxury training with personal entertainment units on eachWe provide the right fitness and weights to
Not all women's strength training is equal. EquipmentFernwood Salisbury women's gym provides an extensive rangeFernwood Salisbury gym is conveniently located in the
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