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Bernie Mullane Sports Complex Kellyville

(in Kellyville)
Re-discovering your health is as simple as re-discovering your local Shire City Council Leisure Centre. No matter where life takes us or how busy we become, as a community our essential nature is being strong, fit and healthy so it’s never too late to re-discover your health and start living the life you deserve. The Bernie Mullane Sports Complex & LocalGroupDeals will help you re-discover your health and make fitness a habit as you discover this hidden fitness treasure in Liverpool. For only $29 you’ll re-discover your health and fitness with unlimited Kellyville gym access + cardio access + group...
61% off. Discover a hidden fitness treasure in your Shire City Council. Just $29 for

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Step into Life Glenhaven

(~5km away)
Fitness starts here! Kick start your health and fitness journey with Step into Life Glenhaven. With a variety of fitness programs including cardio, toning and boxing, we’ll keep you motivated! We cater to all fitness levels, with a range of session times available. With the Step into Life LocalGroupDeal you can experience the benefits of Personal Training at a fraction of the cost. For only $29 (Normally up to $132) we will give you 2 weeks of Unlimited Group Outdoor Personal Training with programs that are designed to help you say ‘YES’to your fitter and healthier lifestyle. With a range...
Personal Training at a fraction of the cost! Experience the Step into Life difference for

$29 (3 Sold!)
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Fitness First Castle Hill

(~6km away)
Make fitness part of your lifestyle. Whether it's keeping up with the kids at the park, getting out and meeting new people, or even landing that next promotion at work, your fitness can give you the confidence to get more from life. This Fitness First offer will help you go further and explore new ways to challenge yourself. For only $9.95 you will get to experience our fully equipped gym and innovative exercise techniques for 1 week. Try our extensive freestyle classes for a fast and effective workout including Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Les Mills and more. With our world-class facilities,...
Start your Fitness Journey with Fitness First with only $9.95 for 1 week at Fitness

$9.95 (17 Sold!)
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Waves Fitness and Aquatic Centre Baulkham Hills

(~7km away)
If you have ever rode the waves last time you were at the beach, you would remember the joy, the fun and the pleasure of catching a wave and letting it gracefully move you towards your destination. All it took was some preparation setting up for the ride, some patience and hard work to stay afloat and an opportunity of a passing wave and you were off no longer looking back while enjoying the ride. Riding the fitness wave follows the same principles. All you need is to prepare your mindset (I want to become fit and healthy), some patience...
56% off. Ride the Fitness WAVE to a healthier you. For only $30 enjoy 30

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12 Round Fitness Baulkham Hills

(~7km away)
Not all workouts are created equally. What if you could burn calories not only during your workout but up to 38 hours after your workout? Welcome to the science of exercise in the 21st century. With the 12 Round Baulkham Hills gym LocalGroupDeal you can try the scientifically proven benefits of high intensity interval training. For only $25 you can get 5 visits to our 12 rounds workouts designed by professional athletes and trainers in our Baulkham Hills HIIT gym. Imagine working out for 1 hour and burning calories for 38 hours. That’s a great deal. Normally this starter pack...
12 Round Fitness Baulkham Hills
Battle ropes, prowlers, kettlebells, boxing and more.Built around functional strength, conditioning and sports-based cardio.Our group training is built around boxing, HIIT
12 Rounds Fitness Baulkham Hills is designed aroundA new dynamic program every session keeps thingsGet live tracking of your heart rate, calories
Train harder and see results with boxing andGet guidance from expert trainers who will beRethink your training with 12 Rounds Fitness Baulkham
$25 (11 Sold!)
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Elite Outdoor Fitness Cherrybrook

(~10km away)
There is something inspiring about athletes. Not all of us are athletes, nor can we all be but there are characteristics worth copying for everyday life. Someone who has reached the heights of sports greatness understands the do-or-die commitments that are needed to reach their goals. They understand the “whatever it takes” attitude that keeps them striving. They understand how to embrace setbacks to help them grow. To a lesser degree, these are the same characteristics us normal people need to succeed in a fitness journey. Training like an athlete is not necessarily about training to be an athlete, but...
Elite Outdoor Fitness Cherrybrook
Welcome to Elite Outdoor Fitness by Michael Vella.Our Cherrybrook outdoor programs are designed by formerOur strength and conditioning toys designed to challenge
Cherrybrook group training in the great fresh outdoors,We train rain, hail or shine day orOur classes are fun and enjoyable for all
The spacious undercover area in Cherrybrook.Classes includes strength, core, flexibility, sports training andWelcome to Elite Outdoor Fitness by Michael Vella.
$20 (12 Sold!)
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