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Plus Fitness 247 Sutherland

(~7km away)
It’s always a Plus when you can get full control of your workout schedule. I can work out when I want 24 hours a day and come and go as I please. That’s a Plus! I can save money by not paying for things I don’t need. That’s a Plus! I can enjoy an intimate training environment at one of Australia’s friendliest gym chains. That’s a Plus Plus Plus Plus! With this Plus Fitness 24/7 Sutherland LocalGroupDeal you will get to exercise your fitness freedom and workout on your own schedule 24 hours per day. For only $29 you will...
Plus Fitness 247 Sutherland
Our Sutherland gym is spread over 2 jam-packedOur friendly team are ready to help youThe Sutherland gym area includes easy to use
Heavy duty lifting racks for strength training.Fully equipped abs and stretching space.Enjoy 100's of virtual classes 24 hours a
Our Sutherland gym includes a fully equipped free-weightsCardio area includes treadmills, cycle bikes, rowers andThe 2 level 24 hour Sutherland gym.
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