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WaterMarc Aquatic & Leisure Centre Greensborough

(~6km away)
When the community unites together for a common cause….. Change is inevitable. And that is what has happened in the City of Banyule, the community has spoken and the result is the new WaterMarc - the name of our new biggest, brightest and best Multi Activity Regional Centre in the northern region of Victoria.. With increased needs to service all populations, seniors, youngsters, families, teenagers, and adults the concept for WaterMarc was born designed around the needs of the Greensborough population and now the whole Banyule community is welcome. We welcome everyone to a new era for health and fitness,...
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Focus on Physique Rosanna

(~10km away)
Fitness these days is marketed about how much money you can save. How you can use the latest technology. How you can train anytime you want 24 hours a day. Did everyone forget what the “FOCUS” of fitness is really about? It’s about FOCUSING on your health. FOCUSING on your results. FOCUSING on your Physique. The Focus on Physique LocalGroupDeals eliminates and the fitness fluff and gets you FOCUSED on what fitness and training is really about….changing your Physique and health for the better. For only $20 we will get you FOCUSED on your results with 2 weeks unlimited result-focused...
Focus on Physique Rosanna
Our Rosanna personal trainers provide a tailored service.Our private Rosanna personal training studio.Shape up with our Rosanna Boot camp program.
Share your experiences with small group classes.High intensity circuit classes will help you withBoot camp programs will improve fitness, strength, confidence
Rosanna personal trainers will provide you undivided attentionRosanna boot camps will get you out andOur Rosanna personal trainers provide a tailored service.
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