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Not a Gym Seaford

(in Seaford)
These days Gyms are associated with annoying sales consultants, lack of support and service once you sign up and boring repetitive workouts that make you think..why even bother. We call ourselves Not a Gym to try and separate ourselves from the big centres that don't offer ongoing support or don't accommodate beginners well. We take fitness back to its essence by offering supervised group training classes with real live support where you can enjoy exercising in a fun and encouraging atmosphere….something you will LOVE to come back to over and over again. The Not a Gym Seaford LocalGroupDeal will start...
Not a Gym Seaford
Our Weight Loss Program will motivate & educateBoxing, Battleropes, TRX, fitballs and more.Our Seaford Bootcamp takes advantage of the great
Our Seaford Bootcamp will get you fit andWellness classes are part of our 40+ classOur functional training classes incorporate boxing, strength, cardio.
Our wellness classes inc. Seaford Yoga, stretching, meditation.  Our fully equipped Seaford HIIT gym.Welcome to Not a Gym Seaford.
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Goodlife Health Clubs Karingal

(~5km away)
Living the Goodlife can mean so many different things to different people. It could be a vision of you and your family on a Good weekend getaway. Or you driving a new sports car to the beach with your Good friends. Or it could just simply mean you and your loved ones sitting in front of the fireplace having a Good warm chat. No matter what the Goodlife means for each of us, we can all agree on 1 thing. It involves us being Happy, it involves us being Healthy and it involves us looking trim, toned and in the...
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