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Inna Essence Underwood

(in Underwood)
We all need an outlet to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. Whether it’s working a 9 – 5 career or looking after the kids all day, we all need a space to restore, relax and replenish ourselves. That is the purpose of Inna Essence Underwood. To create a space which provides a calming, grounded and loving energy so you an shift from the hustle and enjoy some “me” time. The Inna Essence LocalGroupDeal aims to help you find your inner peace and escape the hustle and bustle with our range of Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Meditation and Reformer...
Inna Essence Underwood
Mat Pilates can focus on alignment and stabilityAt Inna Essence, we plan to grow asWe only use the best Pioneer Pilates Reformer
Our Underwood Pilates classes will help stretch andInna Essence is a collaboration between two womenThe spacious Underwood Yoga and Pilates studio.
At Inna Essence Underwood we've created a calming,Experience our intimate Underwood Reformer Pilates classes.Welcome to Inna Essence Underwood Yoga and Pilates
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Goodlife Health Clubs Springwood

(~3km away)
Living the Goodlife can mean so many different things to different people. It could be a vision of you and your family on a Good weekend getaway. Or you driving a new sports car to the beach with your Good friends. Or it could just simply mean you and your loved ones sitting in front of the fireplace having a Good warm chat. No matter what the Goodlife means for each of us, we can all agree on 1 thing. It involves us being Happy, it involves us being Healthy and it involves us looking trim, toned and in the...
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HYPOXI Weight Loss Mount Gravatt

(~10km away)
Advances in technology have changed our lives. From having the power of a super-computer in your pocket to self-driving electric cars that save the planet. But what about advances in technology for exercise and losing weight? Welcome to the future of exercise with HYPOXI - the innovative weight loss treatment to help you lose weight, target stubborn fat and cellulite. This HYPOXI Mount Gravatt QLD Weight Loss LocalGroupDeal will kick-off your weight loss journey with the full HYPOXI experience. For only $49 you will experience the revolutionary advanced technology that is used to help you target fat and cellulite in...
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